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Paint Mixing

Mile-End Services Ltd use Standox car paint. The car manufactures paint code is entered into the computer and the computer searches a database of over 100,000 colours to find the perfect colour match. This enables the painter to mix the perfect colour first time every time. This helps to achieve the excellence in quality, which we have become, accustom to, at Mile-End Services Ltd, also staff are trained to the highest degree in this area. All the painting is done in a Low Bake Spraybooth. This heats the car to 20°C in order to eliminate moisture during the application of the paint and creates a slightly pressurised room in order to prevent dust particles from landing on the paintwork. When the paint and lacquer is applied the spraybooth heats up to 60°C to cure the paint. This drying process takes one hour. The spray guns used are the very latest environmentally friendly guns.